In an environment where salespeople were often looking to push the limits of "credit worthiness" in an effort to make a sale, Kevin tactfully walked the line between minimizing the company's risk and being creative to ensure we explored all options. He consistently turned around requests quickly – and yet always took the time to walk through the deal with the sales rep and leasing team. He earned the respect of both upper management as well as his peers and direct reports, in part as a result of his always positive, outgoing personality. As someone who respects his business acumen, professional skills and great attitude, I sincerely recommend Kevin to any organization.î

-Brad Smith, Account Executive, Leasing Worked with Kevin at Telogy LLC


I worked with Kevin at Telogy and recommend him highly. I found him to be both reliable and very good at dealing with people. Kevin worked effectively with co-workers as well as customers, and earned the respect of both groups. He is a very experienced Credit and Collections Supervisor who would be an asset to any organization.î

-Stephen Jacobson, CFO / SVP Finance at Telogy LLC


Kevin is an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic professional. He pays excellent attention to detail yet does not sacrifice efficiency or quality of work. He does not hesitate to go the extra mile. I especially recall a situation where an international credit check was required in order to book a deal with a media company that is well-known stateside. Kevin was able to make it happen in spite of the complicated international dynamics. I enjoyed working with and highly recommend him!î

-Jessica Jallorina, Account Manager II Worked with Kevin at Telogy LLC


"Kevin is very dependable. I never have to worry when I assign him a task. It is always completed in a timely manner."

"Kevin works to understand both sides of a conflict. He anticipates problems and takes effective steps to deal with them; He is flexible and open-minded; demonstrates excellent listening skills."

"Kevin establishes effective working relationships. He works well in cooperating with others for the benefit of the organization. He displays positive responses to negative situations.  He can be relied upon to accomplish the best possible results."

"Kevin places the organizational needs before personal convenience."

-Karen Boswell, Credit Manager, Managed Kevin at Telogy LLC    – (direct quotes from performance reviews)