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Back in 2001 the Seattle Mariners baseball team had quite a successful season. The team won 116 games which set the American League record for most wins in a single season and tied the 1906 Chicago Cubs for the Major … Continue reading

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8 Ways Credit Professionals Can Make the Marginal Transaction Happen

We’ve all been there.  The sales department has a “hot” deal that that just has to get put through. You may or may not have transaction history with this customer but in any event you’re feeling a bit uneasy about … Continue reading

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What Lunch At a Chinese Restaurant Taught Me About Establishing Customer Expectations

My first job after graduating from college was near a pretty popular Chinese restaurant. Many is the time that I’d join my co-workers there for lunch. The food was pretty good and we all enjoyed going there.  I’d probably been … Continue reading

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Conflict of Interest in the Credit Department

Have you ever witnessed a conflict of interest in your work environment? Such conflicts are fairly common and they can be potentially deadly to the health of your company. A conflict of interest arises whenever the personal or professional interests … Continue reading

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What Every Business Manager Should Know About Renting Expensive Equipment

In the world of business credit companies need access to capital equipment in order to grow and expand. In my last post I discussed some of the instances where companies lost money through inattentiveness to the rental process. With this … Continue reading

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Lessons I Learned From The “Other Side of The Fence”

As a professional in the credit and collections field I often get a bird’s-eye view of my customer’s business operations.  Some of the things that I’ve seen throughout the years have really been eye openers. You’d think that most companies … Continue reading

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