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Ranking the Most Beloved CEO’s Ever(Part 1)

Obviously, a list of this sort must be taken with much more than a grain of salt. The only folks really qualified to rank these titans would be the folks who actually worked with and for them. I suspect in … Continue reading

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Who is Watching You? Is it Necessary?

Recently, my gym of the last 10 years closed down. This hit many of us pretty hard because our gym was an independent operation and many members had been there for over 20 years. Carl and Bob Medina owned Medina’s … Continue reading

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5 Biggest OMG Moments in Business

The world of business is rife with risk. No one would doubt that. We all know that in order to make a profit, you’ve got to take a chance. Sometimes, the business world can deliver a devastating blow seemingly from … Continue reading

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WHAT IS MORE LIKELY?   The Occupy Movement gains steam and continues to grow and become a starting point for a worldwide economic / political revolution   OR   The Occupy Movement begins to fizzle out and lose momentum?   … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Happyness

Have you ever stopped to wonder how is it possible that we elect the so-called best and brightest from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, etc. and end up with such dissatisfaction at our voting options? How do folks with the best … Continue reading

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America, Third World Country?

Today I overheard a lady talking about Jane Fonda’s appearance on Piers Morgan. She mentioned that most Americans have never visited a “third world country” and that we soon may be living in one. It got me thinking, what really … Continue reading

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Preachers and Politicians…it must be nice!

I’ve always cast a jaundiced eye towards both wealthy preachers and wealthy politicians.  I know millions are loyal followers of both groups but it just never made any sense to me.  I mean whether you’re a politician or preacher, the … Continue reading

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Death of the U.S. Postal Service?

The cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service is planning on eliminating First Class delivery and next day delivery of letters and postcards. If these changes proceed their fastest service will be 3-5 days.  Think about that. While every thing else in our … Continue reading

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A Tale of 10 Cities

Recently Men’s Health Magazine had an interesting article on “America’s Saddest Cities” This got me to thinking about what makes a place a “sad” location rather than a more attractive one.  The article focused in on things like: suicide rates, … Continue reading

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Do We Expect Too Much Perfection From Our Politicians?

  Looking at all of the flack that Herman Cain has caught for his alleged indiscretions has me asking the question, “Do we expect too much of our political candidates?” I’m not talking about performance. What I’m referring to is … Continue reading

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