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What Works…What Doesn’t

Have you ever just stopped to think about things that should work but don’t? Sometimes even though we know the stuff doesn’t work, we don’t even give it a second thought. It sucks but that’s just the way it is. … Continue reading

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Some Things In Life Never Made Sense To Me

Some things in life never made sense to me: American Idol, swimming in freezing cold water, women who complain about the seat being left up, and spending the night in a line camped outside of Walmart. That last one is … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Keep Your Business ‘Cash Healthy’

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business enterprise. It is even more important than profit! Extending credit means taking on risk. There is no way to avoid it. In your efforts to grow your business consider what an acceptable … Continue reading

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  It’s not unusual to hear someone grouse about the intrusiveness of government regulations. All of this talk of “big-brother”, the “nanny-state” and government regulations’ strangulation of business goes on and on. Some of it is legitimate, no doubt. But … Continue reading

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The Next Big Threat to the U.S. Economy

  In case you haven’t heard the news: student loans are now at a trillion dollars. Approximately 40 percent of these loans are past due.     Two thirds of new college graduates last year had student loan debt to … Continue reading

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What Makes Up Your Credit Score?

  In today’s society, credit scores play a pivotal role in our everyday lives.  It could mean the difference between obtaining a low interest loan or even getting a loan at all! It can also be the determining factor in … Continue reading

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Consumers rise up, large corporations take note, what does the future hold?

  Bank of America is in Retreat. The nation’s second largest bank blinked last Tuesday. In case you hadn’t  heard, B of A decided to abandon its plan to charge a $5 fee on debit card purchases. B of A … Continue reading

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Are You Qualified?

Chances are, that if you wanted a job as a Systems Engineer or a QA Manager or a Billing Processor you’re going to need to meet some job requirements. I mean you can’t just show up and get the nod, … Continue reading

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Me and Bobbie McGee

  Have you ever had to face an opponent that had nothing to lose?  Somewhere in our lives we’ve all run across someone that we had a fairly serious disagreement with. Now you may be quite upset but you notice … Continue reading

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