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  What would you say is the most serious threat to the United States? The Economy? Crime? Terrorism?  Many experts would argue it’s our own fiscal irresponsibility. Our never-ending legacy of deficits is the growing fiscal cancer that could one … Continue reading

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A Drug-Free America and the explosion of the prison population

You know, we Americans are a strange bunch. We come up with the darnedest solutions to our problems.  We’ve been brow beaten for years into believing we have a raging crime wave in our midst.   This usually takes place in … Continue reading

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Captain America, Superheroes and the rise of the Modern Supervillain

Fans of Marvel Comics know that Captain America: The First Avenger is due for release in a little over a week. That got me to thinking about the origin of Captain America in particular and super heroes in general. A … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony and the our never ending car wreck

Why is the American public so fascinated with these ‘Reality TV’ stories and subsequent trials? It reminds me of a freeway accident. We will complain about traffic congestion only to find out that the cause of said congestion is a … Continue reading

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The New Reality: Economic Health and austerity?

  The party is over and it appears as if the nation is in full hangover mode. After having come face to face with a mountain of debt, consumers are now leading the way out by paring down their debt. … Continue reading

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