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10 Books That Changed or Impacted My Life

The Autobiography of Malcolm X – Alex Haley What can I say? This is an absolute classic that has impacted young minds(especially black males) for generations. The most powerful concept in this book is the power of transformation. We are … Continue reading

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I was talking to a young acquaintance of mine a few days ago.  This guy is one of those kids who always has his nose in front of a computer, headphones firmly affixed on his head, playing Worlds of Warcraft, … Continue reading

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Back during the days of the original dot-com mania, I was working in Menlo Park, right in the heart of the silicon valley. I distinctly remember feeling like a bit of an outsider. Hell, I wasn’t getting rich. What the … Continue reading

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The One Trillion Dollar Economic Trigger

  Corporate America is currently sitting on(or hoarding depending upon your point of view) nearly $1 Trillion in cash and short-term investments. That’s an awful lot of “dry powder”. "Dry powder" in the world of finance refers to a company's … Continue reading

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An Epidemic of Liars and the Creation of a Shameless Society

Chances are, when you were a kid, your parents and adults in general taught you to tell the truth. We all grew up with the “Honest Abe” stories and George Washington’s cherry tree.  Looking back, we were some amazingly gullible … Continue reading

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The Great Recession vs. The Great Depression

The over day I read this article about the city of Oakland being on the brink of closing several city libraries. As someone who grew up going to local libraries and still has a love of reading, I began to … Continue reading

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